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From its inception Gmp has integrated a strong sense of social commitment within the process of creating value. This engagement demonstrates the Company’s bet on promoting sustainable value creation in all its facets and for all its stakeholders. The following are key aspects of Gmp’s policies:

  • Environmental sustainability as a value in itself and applied to the value creation chain.
  • Sustainability in the value creation process, through delivering quality and innovation in management, processes and products, with special emphasis on promoting the health and wellbeing of users of its buildings.
  • Social sustainability in two dimensions: first, towards employees by promoting their personal and professional development and, second, towards society as a whole, through social action plans.

Transparency and maintaining open communication channels with stakeholders are also crucial aspects.

In 2018 Gmp boosted Corporate Social Responsibility by setting up a Committee comprising representatives of each of the key areas of sustainability: Environment Manager, Director of Innovation and Development, Coordinator of Regulatory Compliance, Managing Director and Director of Human Resources and Director of the Gmp Foundation.

The CSR Committee meets every two months to plan and monitor the Company’s CSR strategy and in the upcoming years it will be become a strategic cross axis of Gmp.

The main actions from Gmp’s CSR policies are listed below.