Human capital is the key competitive advantage that organisations can leverage in order to create added value within a global market. Gmp is fully aware of the importance of attracting and retaining the best professionals and having motivated and committed employees. Ongoing improvement is only possible through employee engagement, as everyone working at the Company needs to feel and understand that their actions can help create and change reality.

The Human Resources department at Gmp focuses its efforts on optimising information management and internal communications, clearly defining the role, responsibilities and objectives of each member of staff, as well as fostering professional development and a work-life balance among employees.

Having a professional and experienced team is one of the cornerstones of the Company and a key asset in ensuring business runs smoothly.

Gmp follows the guidelines below:

  • Creating an attractive work environment that ensures the professional development of employees.
  • Promoting training and knowledge management.
  • Promoting identification, attraction, development and retention of talent.
  • Fostering fairness and equal opportunities through internal promotion.
  • Facilitating a work/life balance. 
  • Fostering mechanisms to improve internal communication via the use of new technologies and updating the intranet. 
  • Working in a safe place that guarantees the health and wellbeing of employees. 
  • Working environment

Gmp conducts an internal insight survey every three years to find out the interests, concerns and ratings of the members of the organisation with regard to aspects relating to different of areas in the Company.

The aim of the survey is measuring the general satisfaction level of the staff the working climate at the Company in order to improve the internal conditions and competitiveness of the service delivered to clients, identify areas for improvement relating to work activities and to the development of the organisation and set up strategies and specific action plans.

In 2018, a working climate survey was conducted on all employees. The participation level was 82% of the staff and the findings showed an overall satisfaction level of 77 out of 100 and the concepts valued highest were teamwork, leadership, engagement and motivation.

It is worth highlighting the Company’s work/life balance policy and complementary measures implemented in this regard. During 2018, the work calendar has included 4 extra days of bank holiday. The Company operates a flexible working day whereby start and finish times can vary by 2 hours Monday to Thursday, an intensive working day on Fridays and an intensive working day Monday to Friday over the summer months.

Gmp employees enjoy flexible renumeration including restaurant ticket, crèche and transport, as part of their benefit package. They also receive healthcare insurance covering the employee, spouse and dependent children.

  • Human team at Gmp

Gmp maintains a strong commitment to its employees and strives to ensure its workforce is optimal and delivers a quality service to clients.

Property-owning business
Residential tourism development
  • Human team at Gmp

Gmp maintains a strong commitment to its employees and strives to ensure its workforce is optimal and delivers a quality service to clients.

Property-owning business
Residential tourism development
  • Auditorium Castellana 81
  • Training and professional development

For Gmp it is essential to identify and retain talent. For this purpose, it runs a skills assessment system which was renewed in 2018 and includes a new platform, “People Review”, to facilitate management. Procedure enables employees to have an annual feedback meeting, where the skills they have developed over the year on different projects are analysed.

In this respect, training is a key aspect of talent management. Every year Gmp draws up a training plan with the aim of delivering value to the Company through professional development of staff members.

The training plan aims to enhance employee skills, optimise efficiency and leverage knowledge acquired at the conferences and courses programmed. During 2018, employees received a total of 3,500 hours of training through 20 training actions have been implemented to improve social skills, IT, languages and the technical aspects pertaining to each post. 80% of the workforce received training over the year.

The Training Plan 2018 focused on three types of training:

1. Risk Prevention in the Workplace, Quality and Environ

  •  Fire prevention action. 
  •  Basic risk- prevention training.
  •  Updating Environmental M-04. 

2. Business Training: developing new skills or improving own job competences, including the following:

  • Investor relations.
  • Property valuations.
  • Indicators for Facility Manager: KPIs and SLAs.
  • Emotional intelligence applied to sales.
  • Planning, urban management and licenses.

3. General training: improving and polishing skills, techniques and knowledge:

  •  Knowledge updating sessions.
  •  Microsoft Office.
  •  Presentations that make an impact.
  •  Negotiation.
  •  Languages.

The Human Resources department updates job descriptions annually, adapting to the changes that take place over each financial year. It works on identifying opportunities, analysing areas for improvement and developing skills that encourage personal and professional growth.

In 2018, the talent development programme, set up in 2014 and targeted at key profiles in the Company, continued to run. It covers a period of 2-3 years and was reviewed and updated in 2017. The programme is based on training, development and retention of employees via specific training actions, which help improve their skills and provide the tools needed to address new challenges at Gmp.

  • Information management and internal communication

Improving information management and internal communication is one the main challenges at Gmp.

Our management teams and HR department work on fostering and enhancing communication among all the members of the Company. Examples of initiatives that have been consolidated in 2018 are as follows:

  • Fortnightly Company breakfasts, at which a group of six employees from different departments enjoy an informal breakfast with the Business and Corporate Managing Directors in order to strengthen the relationship between participants and share initiatives, action plans, concerns and proposals for improvements. In addition, the reasons for any deviations from targets are analysed and improvement initiatives and action plans are proposed.
  • Barometer briefings, at which the Business Managing Directors and Managers of Assets, Marketing, Quality and Innovation, IN-PLANIA, Residential Sales and Las Colinas Golf & Country Club gauge monthly progress towards attaining objectives and share this information with their teams by representing the advances made graphically on charts or “barometers” designed for this purpose.
  • Presentations to all members of the organisation about the main projects being rolled out, successes achieved, acquisitions carried out, results of the operations and future projects. These presentations improve interdepartmental communication and help ensure that all employees are informed about the Company’s strategy and are actively involved in meeting its objectives.

In 2018, work was carried out on developing a new intranet with new value-added functionalities for employees. This new tool aims to improve the Company’s communication flow and serve as a useful platform for employees. At the time of writing this report, the new intranet has been launched.

  • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

Human resources management at Gmp is based strictly on professional criteria and ensures that no employee is discriminated against for reasons of race, religion or creed, political and trades union beliefs, nationality, language, sex, marital status, age or disability.

For years Gmp has strived to promote the inclusion of disabled people in the workplace. The good will and awareness of our staff help ensure that the integration of disabled workers is a success in 100% of cases.

In this area, Gmp holds an agreement with the PRODIS Foundation to promote the inclusion of young people with intellectual disability in society and in the workplace and foster the development of social and work skills. Gmp has three employees with different abilities on its staff.

  • EPRA tables social – HR and H&S
  • EPRA tables social – HR and H&S


2018 was a very special year for the Gmp Foundation as the organisation celebrated its 10th anniversary. A decade focusing on fulfilling the foundation’s mission of developing actions focused on direct support, through economic or in-kind donations, to non-profit institutions that need resources to improve the lives of people with Intellectual Disability and/ or Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in Spain.

Over the twelve months of 2018, the Gmp Foundation collaborated with a total of 49 social organisations, through 18 projects, which directly benefited 4,202 people. A number of milestones were achieved during the year, showing the huge effort made to raise awareness about ABI and the day-to-day reality of persons living with this condition.  A wide variety of actions have been implemented for this purpose, ranging from developing tools like DCApp, the first mobile phone app providing à-la-carte information on resources for persons with acquired brain injury, after they leave hospital; the Spanish Brain Injury Federation’s (FEDACE) 4th National Conference on ABI or helping disseminate information on work in this field as founding members of the Spanish ABI Platform.

Moreover, in 2018 the Gmp Foundation set in motion what has already become one of its signature events, the Dreamers Concert, where all funds were donated to provide grants for Early Treatment for minors with intellectual disability from low income families. For the third year running, the Gmp Foundation joined forces with the Spanish National Ballet to finance treatments to discover new therapeutic approaches for acquired brain injury in children.

  • The Gmp Foundation’s key actions in 2018:
  • Support for social and labour market integration of persons with intellectual disability, by sponsoring the Prodis Foundation’s eleventh Music Recital.
  • Grants for Early Treatment for children aged 0 to 6 years with intellectual disability from the organisations Plena Inclusión Madrid and Asociación APSA-Alicante-. These grants come directly from the funds raised from ticket sales for the Dreamers concert at the National Music Auditorium in Madrid, which was organised in collaboration with the conductor and composer Ramón Torrelledó supported by a symphony orchestra and choir of over 400 people, all of whom volunteered for the occasion comprising people from very different backgrounds: professional musicians, disabled persons, gifted persons, refugees…
  • Financing a study by the Fundación Sin Daño and Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, focused on demonstrating the feasibility of therapies based on the use of bone marrow cells in therapy for minors with acquired brain injury, thanks to the collaboration between the Gmp Foundation and Spanish National Ballet at the Fundraising Gala “Bailar la Esperanza” held on 28 November at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid.
  • In terms of infrastructures, the Gmp Foundation had the opportunity to help set up a multi-sensory stimulation room for persons with autism at the Asociación Nuevo Horizonte in Madrid. This space is equipped with the all the technological applications needed to provide full sensory integration therapy for adults on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Renewing, for another year, the free lease of office space at Gmp’s building, Iberia Mart, for the headquarters of the Spanish Brain Injury Federation -FEDACE-.
  • Financing the “Mi Vida” project by the Murcia Region Down Syndrome Foundation -Fundown-, promoting actions to foster autonomy, independence and participation in the community of persons with intellectual disability that are entering old age or decline, in order to stay active in society and not lose skills acquired in previous years. The project “Mi Vida” was funded by ticket sales for the 9th International Fundraising Magic Festival “Grandes Ilusiones”, which also funded another initiative by Fundown based on access to new information technologies for persons with Down syndrome.
  • Setting up the first Specialised Mentoring and Support Programme for social bodies, with the aim of helping them design effective, realistic fundraising plans, tailormade for each organisation. This initiative will strengthen the Gmp Foundation’s objective of supporting organisations in the fields of intellectual disability and acquired brain injury, offering a new perspective on the training programmes that started in 2010, in collaboration with the Spanish Fundraising Association and Plena Inclusión Madrid.
  • Organisation by Gmp Foundation and the Asociación Sexualidad y Discapacidad of a cycle of ten training sessions for bodies belonging to Plena Inclusión Madrid, with the aim of helping families with persons with intellectual disability so that they can gain a broader understanding of the sexuality of their family members, in order to help improve their emotional-sexual education. The project was run in conjunction with a special edition of “Sexualidades que Importan”, a sex education guide that complements the content of the talks.
  • Leasing meeting rooms in Gmp buildings free of charge to 12 social organisations dedicated to working in the areas of intellectual disability or acquired brain injury in order to organise 45 events, training days or work meetings, attended by a total of around 1,500 people.
  • Setting up the project “Inclusión en la Montaña”. A voluntary initiative rolled out by employees from the Gmp Group. The idea is to discover walking trails and enjoy direct contact with nature with persons with intellectual disability in a climate of complete integration. In 2018, two routes were completed, benefiting the Asociación Asperger Madrid and Asociación de Familiares y Amigos en Favor de las Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual de Móstoles (AFANDEM).
  • Launch of DCApp, an application for mobile phones that offers useful information about resources for persons with acquired brain injury after they leave hospital. The tool, developed in collaboration with FEDACE, Fundación Polibea and the digital consultancy firm Mo2o, is free of charge and has been designed with the aim of helping overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the rehabilitation of patients, namely, the dearth of information about resources to meet individual needs.
  • Signing of framework agreement spanning three years, 2018-2021, between the Gmp Foundation and the Federación Española de Daño Cerebral (FEDACE), with the objective of developing jointly actions aimed principally at promoting scientific studies, fostering the development of technological products that have a positive impact on the quality of life of persons with ABI or training member organisations of the federation. One of the fruits of this agreement was the 4th National Conference on Acquired Brain Injury held in Madrid in November 2018.
  • Setting up the first audio-visual content company formed by workers with intellectual disability, a project by the Fundación Gil Gayarre, a beneficiary of funds raised at the 19th Paddle Tennis Tournament for Companies organised by the Gmp Foundation. This initiative seeks to integrate this community in the unconventional working area of audio-visual production.
  • EPRA Tables Social – Community
  • EPRA Tables Social – Community